“Birce Polat is one of the outstanding pianists with her deep musical understanding and an inspiring personality to emerge from my class.”

-Prof. Konstanze Eickhorst

“Birce harika bir piyanist ve müzisyen!”

-State Artist Gülsin Onay

“A deeply feeling & technically skilled pianist that successfully communicates with her audience.”

-Prof. Manfred Aust

Between her highly praised graduation recital at Musikhochschule Lübeck and the return to her homeland Istanbul – two of the turning points in her career – Polat made a wholly different kind of debut: “flow state” in psychology being an utmost leitmotif in her life – she published her “Interpersonal Differences of Flow Experience during Musical Practice”. This marked the launch of Polat’s academic career, defined ever since by her eclectic PhD studies parallel to being a recitalist.

February 2020 then saw two debut lecture recitals in Istanbul & Ankara – a major breakthrough for her single composer dedicated programmes & keynote concept launch. 

Birce Polat begins the 2020-2021 season concentrated mainly on her upcoming recording projects showcasing Turkish composers of the 20th century.

In the New Year, she will join forces with young award-winning composers of her generation, adding their works to her recital programmes. 

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Always a committed pupil in her heart, she found time to pursue masterclass events during long Mediterranean summers such as the Gumusluk Classical Music Festival Academy in Bodrum, Turkey – working with State Artist Pianist Gulsin Onay. This prestigious festival invited Birce Polat to perform live & online for them during tough times in 2020 – for classical music lovers at home.

Born in 1989 in the idyllic province Balikesir, Turkey, she began to play the piano at the age of 5. She was accepted to the State Conservatoire of Istanbul University at 7 and was selected a mere three years later as the student ambassador to perform live on visual media across the country. She continued with her high school education at the respected Uskudar American Academy in Istanbul for five years.

She then advanced her piano education in Germany at the Lübeck Academy of Music with Pianist David Meier and Professor Konstanze Eickhorst. Along with Gulnare Shekinskaya – who introduced her the Russian Technical Regimen, her most important guide, the great pedagogue Vassilia Efstathiadou – who influenced several generations of musicians – is a lifelong mentor to Polat.

At just 21 she gave her first celebrated performance at Bosch Young Artists Festival, Istanbul. Also a chamber musician, she has performed together with her cellist friends’ circle, especially works of Turkish composers.

Birce Polat is a multi-faceted artist. Her profound devotion to her artistic career is mirrored in her intellectual questioning and evergreen curiosity.

Last updated in August 2020